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Luton Airport – Long Term Car Park

Aim: To maximise value generation and reuse of airport derived construction and demolition waste in the construction of the car park.

Client: Ryebridge Construction and Focus Paving.


OCL were engaged to provide the surfacing materials and recycling services for the construction of the new extension to the Long Term Car Park.

Through early contractor involvement at design stage OCL worked with the pavements team to get a design approved using HBM to replace the need for primary Type 1 and Foambase™ to replace the traditional Base and Binder Course asphalt.

The LTCP OCL design replaced the original 15,000t of primary (quarried) Type 1 and 10,000t of primary (hot) asphalt with 8200t of HBM (hydraulically bound material which is made from recycled aggregates) and 4800t of OCL’s cold-lay, low energy Foambase™ Asphalt.

The HBM total of 8200t was made up of 50% site derived materials and so avoided 4100t worth of landfill and also 4100t worth of importation traffic and virgin material.

The Foambase™ used was made up of 94% recycled aggregates, used only 20% of energy of traditional asphalt manufacture and is known to give rise to 37 kg of CO2 per tonne of production, compared to 55 kg CO2 / tonne of hot asphalt production.

So with the original design needing circa 10,000t of hot asphalt (or 550,000 kg of CO2) and the new design using 4800t of our Foambase™ (or 177,600 kg of CO2) the asphalt side alone saved 372,400 kg of CO2 in production.

In addition to this the project also resulted in reduced traffic movements (the original design would have needed 1250 lorry movements compared to ours which took 479 = saving 771 lorry movements)

It also protected 5000 cubic metres of landfill void space and avoided a further 500 lorry movements in doing so.

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