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Re-use of Tar Contaminated Arisings

Tar Contaminated arisings (also known as tarbound) contain coal tar as a binder or sealant layer. This binder was used previously in the UK in lieu of bitumen as it was available domestically as a by-product of the old “town gas” facilities.

Coal Tar is now deemed hazardous due to it having elevated levels of PAH’s (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) some of which are carcinogenic (cancer causing).

OCL’s Foambase™ is an approved method of re-using these hazardous wastes. This helps our clients to avoid high disposal costs as otherwise the wastes have to go to one of only a few permitted landfills that due to their scarcity are extremely expensive and difficult to get to, so also have high transport costs.

As our Foambase™ process is cold it doesn’t give rise to the problem aromatics and binds / encapsulates / solidifies the problem contaminants in a product suitable for re-use in surfacing applications.

OCL hold all the relevant permits and licenses to treat these wastes either at our depots or on a national contract basis where we can move the processing module to your job site.