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Recycling Centres

Construction waste in – Recycled product out

OCL take in waste construction materials and then crush, screen, process and blend to produce fresh, recycled, products.

Customers can bring in their construction waste (aggregate, Cement, asphalt) and take away recycled products, be they Foambase™, emulsions or aggregates.

Alternatively, OCL will deliver recycled aggregates to the customers own depot storage area or construction site, and take away recyclable.

As well as traditional recycled building materials, OCL also produces cold-lay Foambase™ products, as an alternative to hot asphalt, which is workable for up to 90 days.

Customers have the option to collect, or receive material at their depot/site, the evening before or even sooner. The workforce can then start work immediately in the morning without the usual drive to the quarry/asphalt plant, waiting in the queue, traffic delays, etc.

Work outputs may therefore be optimised reducing both direct and indirect costs for the customer.

OCL Regeneration Ltd also provide contract crushing services for customers own materials.